Canadian student information system software

There are different software that enables students to learn easily from the comforts of their homes, offices, hostels, etc. 

Here are some of such software, their features, and what developers have to say as well as users’ reviews:

  1. Gradelink

Through a single, user-friendly interface, Gradelink connects instructors, students, and parents as part of a cloud-based school management solution. It is used by schools all around the world to manage student registration, attendance reporting, keeping track of grades and attendance, and creating report cards while saving time.

Gradelink is used by teachers and administrators to set up assessments and modify grade systems for their classes and subjects. They keep all the student data in one place, including contact, medical, and demographic details. They always have access to crucial data, like attendance records and most recent grades. The adaptability is increased through integration with Google Classroom, PaySimple, Renaissance, Microsoft Office 365, and other programs.

Parents can monitor their children’s academic development using Gradelink by monitoring assignment grades, class schedules, forthcoming homework, and due dates. They can even download worksheets, syllabuses, and permission forms. Support is accessible by phone, email, and chat.

The Gradelink Student Information System (SIS) aids schools in time savings, student recruitment and retention, and improved student services. In order to free up school administrators’ time to concentrate on student services, Gradelink assists by, among other things, generating reports, computing grades, and locating guardian contact information.

Additionally, parents and children have their own resources to support them as they progress through their academic careers. Assignments and course materials, as well as timetables and other information, are available to students online. Every student and parent gets access to a personal portal where they can post and download documents and connect with administrators and teachers.

  • Features of Gradelink
  • The main components of Gradelink are as follows:
  • Curriculum Control
  • Gradebooks
  • Exam Results
  • Reporting Based on Standards
  • Lesson Programs
  • Attendance
  • Scheduling classes and calendars
  • Adaptable Grading
  • Records of Students’ Discipline
  • Electronic Admissions
  • Electronic Admissions
  • Online Question
  • Paying Online
  • School and home communication
  • sending texts
  • group emailing
  • Telephone Online Calendar
  • Student newsletters
  • student pages
  • Student/Parent Portal
  • Special Reporting
  • Exam Results
  • Regulatory Reports
  • Individualized Attendance Reporting

Pricelink Grade

Gradelink starts at $100 per month. Per a student that is currently enrolled, the software is charged. A risk-free trial is offered. There is no available free version.


Judy Yonkers says,

“I’m utterly happy with this program. The difficulties stem from my lack of prior expertise, and the instructional movies are quite helpful. To use it for all of next year’s lesson planning, I eagerly anticipate entering lesson plans before the school year is through. It is a fantastic resource for parents and students alike!”

Lisa Scaltrito says,

“I adore every aspect of it! especially the link to aid. I visit the help link when I have a question or want to try something new because it is fantastic and clearly explains everything.”

Maria Victoria Martinez says,

“It makes printing out our report cards really simple. To keep parents updated, we can print out a progress report whenever we want. No more timekeeping and paperwork”

Kendra Mathison. Says

“combining all of the aforementioned components into a single platform. It has been incredibly useful and simple to have access to student records, reports, and the opportunity to contact parents and staff via email and text messages. The inclusion of our parent portal this year has also been beneficial.”

The speaker is Amy Walker.

“With Gradelink, our team is all on the same page. There is also less paperwork to move around and store, which is great for keeping in touch with parents and documenting it.”

Rendy Koeppel says,

“a well-organized system that allows me, the administrator, to view and locate all academic assignments and grades. I like how the system can produce so many different types of reports.”

 Kendra Brownlee says.

“Enroll Me, which we have only recently started using, has really aided us in providing much more convenient registration for our families. It has also made my job easier because I don’t have to enter the data again each year because the families enter it all when they enroll.”

Jamie B. Says, “The best thing since sliced bread is having grades, lesson plans, communication, instructor features, and administration features all in one spot”

Aaron, says, “ thank you for selecting Gradelink. Please visit to discover what is offered so that we can ensure you are making the most of your service. We value your feedback, so if there are any other features you think might be helpful, please speak with your support representative.”

Superb SIS

WCA uses Gradelink to keep parents informed about their children’s educational experiences. Families can learn more about the school by viewing grades, disciplinary records, and upcoming events.


Gradelink is a relatively straightforward school management system (SIS). As a result, setup happens fairly quickly. The Gradelink support staff is very helpful in obtaining the required support.


The SIS has few extra functions because it is a basic system. Lesson plans, the grade book, and other fundamental elements are available. The more sophisticated capabilities, however, are not offered.

Motives for selecting Gradelink

Gradelink gave their service at a cost that was reasonable for us and was easy to set up.

Reporting and compliance: There are reports, analytics, and all the background data you require, and the pertinent compliance is in place.

Get help for your training organization and your students while managing everything on a secure platform.


The learner and education management system Wisenet

Industry experts that had experience in education and running training organizations developed Wisenet because they noticed a gap in the learner and education management systems currently in use. The application was first designed to store simple records, but it has since evolved into much more.

Our learner and education management systems are now being used by colleges, education facilities, online training organizations, and more for a variety of purposes, including as a CRM for education, a student management system to keep students involved and informed, as a way for colleges to manage their classes and their learners, and, of course, as a student record-keeping system.

The history of how we changed to become Wisenet is detailed here. As a result of the changes that the globe underwent in 2020, we are still developing since more students are receiving their education online and there is an increasing demand for cloud-based student CRM solutions. At Wisenet, they consistently work to meet the dynamic demands of training organizations and educational systems around the world.

Wisenet’s construction as an education management system

“Given the difficulties we have all faced this year, 2020 marks another important turning point for Wisenet. We are commemorating 10 years in Singapore this year!

Australia’s Cairns is where it all started in 1997. Kim, one of my co-founders, was a college professor of hospitality, and I was a part-time instructor of computer skills. Behind the scenes, chaos reigned as the college was active! There were no reports, no records, and everything was rather ad-hoc.

Kim and I decided to design an application for some fundamental record-keeping after realizing we had the chance to make something unique. After that, we went to management and presented the application. They were impressed, and we got our very first client.

Kim and I then took a chance that would alter the course of our lives: we hopped in the car and spent the following weeks traveling 2,000 km to Brisbane, stopping at colleges along the way. We discovered that there was a critical need for better records and student management.

We had dozens of customers for our school management system by the time we got to Brisbane! Kim and I quit our day jobs after getting this confidence boost and haven’t looked back since.

I moved to Singapore, my new home, in 2010 to set up Wisenet’s Asia headquarters. We proudly commemorated our 20th anniversary in 2018—a significant occasion and turning point for the software sector!

Since that initial program (on a floppy disk! ), Wisenet has evolved into a global business that provides our distinctive platform for managing learning relationships in the cloud. While setting the course for the future, we continue to be true to our roots.

With locations in Australia, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, and Europe and the ability to manage millions of enrollments, Wisenet is the go-to vendor for training providers worldwide.

What a ride it’s been! Sincere appreciation to our global team members, supplier network, and devoted clients!

In 2019, Adapt IT, a member of Volaris Group Inc. and a division of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, acquired Wisenet. The adventure has just begun!” says – Ben Hamilton, co-founder, and CEO of Wisenet

Wisenet Principles

A fundamental set of values that underpins our worldview directs all we do as a business and as individuals. Our company’s internal and external interactions are based on our values, which serve as the cornerstones of our philosophy. These consist of:


Our company practices are completely dependent on learning. We always discovering new ways to do things in order to achieve the greatest results for both ourselves and our clients. We have a hunger for fresh insights and ideas, as well as for imparting our expertise to others.


We make an effort to implement the areas where we see the potential for development and make use of the fresh information and concepts we come across. Our goal is to always produce products and services that are several steps ahead of the competition. We are passionate about coming up with innovative solutions.


Our main goal is to increase our customers’ efficiency so they may concentrate on the tasks they do best. To make our company as lean as feasible, we also rely on stringent internal procedures and the utilization of the newest, most effective tools.


In our business, flexibility and diversity are quite important. Similar to how our workplace policies are adaptable to the diversity that exists within our team, our products and services are sensitive to the diversity that exists among our customers.


Through efficient internal communications, we like to make sure that our team members can comprehend the context and connections between their work and those of the rest of the organization. In order to effectively create and satisfy expectations with both present and potential consumers, honesty and transparency are also essential to our goodwill and customer success.

What Wisenet can do for your training company

A learner and education management system that speaks to all of the needs of managing a training organization has been developed by Wisenet. handling student records, promoting courses, monitoring sales, and integrating with other vendor programs. One user-friendly program covers everything.

The following are some of the standout student management functions you can use:

  • Sales and marketing: A thorough sales and marketing component that assists you in handling every part of promoting your courses.
  • Management of students and enrollments, a trainer portal for educational support, and a learner app for student aid are all included under the heading of people and enrolments.
  • Automation and integration: Learncycle Workflows expedite tasks while also allowing for integration with a variety of different programs.
  • Documents and messaging: Create your own documentation using our templates. Messaging is handled centrally, and everything is recorded.
  • Reporting and compliance: There are reports, analytics, and all the background data you require, and the pertinent compliance is in place.


What exactly are STARS?

STARS saves operational data for universities and other institutions in a reliable and secure manner. A management system called STARS was primarily developed for Post-Secondary Career Schools. In addition to Lead Management, Student Mobile Friendly Portal, Scheduling, Grades and Attendance, Student Ledgers & 1098Ts, Student Financial Aid, Compliance Reporting (Title IV), Placement, and Accounting, it also has overall control over all operational aspects. IBM Enterprise-grade servers are used to achieve 99.99% uptime!


The first school administration system in the world with a parent portal, a scheduler, and features for attendance, homework, grades, report cards, and more. 30-day free trial.

5. MySchool SIS 

The online school administration system is flexible and modular and is loaded with useful features. new enrollments Replace paperwork and manual filing with the drag-and-drop form builder.  Offering parents and guardians convenient access, you can now collect all new student information efficiently.

6. MilGrasp 

For the administrators and personnel of the schools, a personalized admin app is created. MilGrasp updates users in real-time on all school-related activities. On a single platform, management and monitoring of the school are now both available.

MilGrasp aims to greatly simplify parent-school communication. Milgrasp can also manage the school’s internal cooperation with ease. Even if you are not on the school grounds, this app will keep you informed of all school-related news in real-time.


utilizing cutting-edge technology to help educational institutions reach their full potential,

Teachmint is a top supplier of solutions for educational infrastructure, enabling the educational ecosystem to provide effective learning results. With the help of patented classroom technology, they have helped millions of educators establish classrooms that are open to the world and prepared for the future. Teachmint today serves the end-to-end demands of all education providers, from K–12 schools to after-school tutoring, universities, creators, and even edtechs, with our cutting-edge and potent SaaS solutions.


Jupiter is a learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS) for grades K–12 that is adaptable to districts with tens of thousands of students, even the smallest charter schools.

9. WizGrade School App

Concerning wizGrade School App

WizGrade School App (formerly known as SDOSMS) is a full-featured school administration system for K–12 schools, universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, awarding institutes, and other institutions. Schools can obtain a free version of wizGrade.

The ideal answer for all school management and administration, wizGrade is an advanced, comprehensive, highly effective, multipurpose, adaptable, portable, resilient, user-friendly, highly secured, and excellent solution. WizGrade was thoughtfully created to make it easier for schools to run and oversee their academic programs in a remarkable and brilliant manner.


WizGrade School App is now available for a starting price of nothing; it is completely free.

Pricing Information: WizGrade is a complete, adaptable, and ideal solution for school management and administration that is 100 percent free plus source code (Open Source).

10.  RosarioSIS

A student information system for managing schools is called RosarioSIS.

The modules that are included include Schools, Students, Users (parents, teachers, and staff), Scheduling, Grades, Attendance, Activities, Discipline, Food Service, and Student Billing.

They provide teachers and administrators with all the configuration options, tools, PDF documents, and reports they need to manage and keep track of their classrooms and students.

You’ll have more options for communication and learning with additional free or expensive add-ons.

Any mobile device can access RosarioSIS, which is available in Spanish, French, and Arabic.


Initial Cost: €20 per month

Information on cost: 100 pupils

The free version is available.

Free Trial: This is an option.

11. Classter

Classter is a strong student and learning management system that offers an all-encompassing method of teaching. Any academic institution, including K–12, higher education, and academies, can be effectively managed using Classter’s modular, cloud-based management solution, which offers all essential capabilities!

Providing an all-in-one Cloud-based SaaS that includes a Student Information System (SIS), School Management System (SMS), and Learning Management System, Classter is a world leader in the field of education technology (LMS). Any educational institution can use the platform’s end-to-end, modular information management solution. Fully connected with Office 365, Google G-Suite, and other third-party systems, ranging from SMS services and business intelligence tools to ERP and government databases.

More than 200 academic institutions from various educational levels rely on Classter to centralize their personnel, business operations, and data.


Starting at $0 per month for as many as 50 students

Pricing information: Annual pricing depends on enabled modules and features for each active student.

12. Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus is a software suite specifically designed for higher education that accelerates digital transformation by having an influence on all campuses. With modules like Student CRM, Admissions and Enrollment, Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), Course Evaluation, Faculty Management System (FMS), Outcome-Based Education (OBE), Competency-Based Education (CBE), Assessments, Scheduling, Accreditation, and Strategic Planning Analyst, the software provides unmatched efficiency in automating end-to-end management of student and faculty lifecycles, teaching and learning, and institutional excellence.

The integrated software may be customized, scalable, and adaptable. With the top higher education processes in the world, strong dashboards, data mapping, import & rules engines, setup wizards, form, menu, and report builders, push notifications, and adjustable customization, it can be tailored to unique demands. Wit

Pricing Information: Not available.

13. SmartClass

Our modules make operations in schools more dependable, adaptable, and scalable. They aid in enhancing communication amongst all school departments and therefore, educational excellence. a dashboard that may be fully customized for various user kinds. You can always access your assigned tasks, notifications, and announcements. Make several campuses with schools on them. Then you may unwind while SmartClass takes care of the rest so you can track everything in a single view. You have the option of using the mobile app with the SmartClass brand or getting your own custom app with your branding. Depending on which is nearest to you, we are running SmartClass on industry leaders Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Digital Ocean. Information and management system for schools offered by School. Rebuilding a new generation K–12 operating system with one-stop service.


beginning at $2.99 per month for each user.

Free Version: This is a free version.

14.  Calimatic

Calimatic is a fully functional, integrated system that provides thorough online institute management. You can achieve interactive learning capabilities by merging a number of modules, including Institute Management, SIS, LMS, Franchise/Center management, and CRM.

Serving various educational institutions & objectives

K–12 schools: Sophisticated platform to help K–12 schools design an exciting learning environment for young brains.

Higher Education: A virtual learning environment that supports e-learning and administration and goes beyond conventional LMS.

Learning Centers: Assisting all educational institutions, small, medium, and large, in building successful presences.

Starting and succeeding in your online tutoring is now more economical, simple, and effective.


Starting at $4 a month per user, including Freemium, Trial, and Paid options.

The free version is available.

Free Trial: This is an option.


is a web-based administration management solution that was specifically created for higher education. It covers admissions, academics, online learning, financial aid, student billing, contacts, donations, the bookstore, the library, and more. With Populi, small and midsize colleges can effectively manage classes and students, view daily activity logs, schedule meetings using a smart calendar, and store documents in a variety of formats, including videos, audio, spreadsheets, and images. Populi is intuitive and secure.


Initial Cost: $199.00 per month

Pricing information: $199 per month plus $7 per billable student

No-cost Trial:

Free Trial is offered.

16 Aveon College Management Software

Today’s environment has made it difficult and time-consuming to administer and manage companies, especially educational institutions. To draw in the brightest students, deliver the greatest outcomes, and present the best image, meticulous planning, a systematic approach, and accurate control of administrative operations are required. These institutions are increasingly turning to information technology to assist them to improve their facilities and keep a competitive advantage in the educational market due to intense industrial competition. We offer a cutting-edge, incredibly effective, organized, smart, and user-friendly automated campus named “College Management System.” Aveon Infotech Pvt. Ltd.’s CMS 2020 is aimed at resolving the principal issues with the current administrative framework in the establishment of higher education in India.


Initial Cost: $3 for each user each month

No-cost Trial:

Free Trial is offered.

18 Beehively

Provides student information systems, websites, and content management systems to districts, schools, and other educational organizations.


starting at $2500 per year

Price Information:

$2,500 yearly start-up costs

19. Top Hat

Professors can interact with students from the front row to the back using the higher education software tools from Top Hat. Use current hardware; no additional hardware is required. Make the classroom a place where all students—from the front to the back—can engage and be heard. When you first began teaching, you had an eager class in mind. However, it’s getting harder and harder to keep pupils’ attention. Now is the moment to do that. Over 2,000,000 students use Top Hat Classroom to get to class. Even better, it promotes and supports student participation. By using the students’ own devices to ask questions, spark debates, and assess understanding, you may enliven the classroom. Are you curious to find out more? Receive a 20-minute demonstration on how to implement Top Hat in your classrooms.


Initial cost: $4 per pupil, per month

Price Information:

On-site pricing is accessible.

The free version is available.


Many private, public, and nonprofit organizations, such as various Alternative Education Campuses and job development programs, are served by BocaVox.

In order to meet institutional demands and advance objectives, we collaborate with our client organizations and use Maestro SIS’s flexible architecture as efficiently as possible. configured and modified in accordance with organizational requirements.

Initiate Workforce Development and non-degree programs, or VIRTUAL Programs and Rolling Course Enrollment Management. Increase application to enroll yield, fall-to-fall retention, degree completion, reduction in manual processes, and seamless integration to third-party platforms. Our clients have found success in achieving their objectives through the strategic use of automation, communication tracking, smooth flows from stage to stage in the student lifecycle, and utilization of Maestro reporting.

WBENC and WOSB-certified BocaVox is owned by 51% women.

Pricing Information: Individualized pricing and solutions for each client

21. Student Support Time 

A full answer for academic intervention and enrichment programs is Student Support Time. It makes it simple for teachers and administrators to plan, inform, and keep track of focused student assistance sessions. The expense and difficulty of running enrichment and intervention programs are decreased through Student Support Time. Student Support Time can also be used to handle after-school programs, behavioral interventions, and college visits.


Initial Cost: $1500.00 annually

No-cost Trial:

Free Trial is offered.

22. Edvance

Edvance, a company dedicated to Advancing the Art of EducationTM, focuses on creating adaptable and user-friendly solutions for private K–12 institutions. Our SIS is developed and inspired by educators, and it promotes both current best practices and novel concepts for the future. A direct line of communication between the home and the school is offered by family portals. Quickly and easily create conflict-free timetables for your school! A school-wide management system called Edvance Software System (ESS) was developed in an effort to make the working lives of educators more efficient and redundant. To enable educators to focus on the most crucial facets of teaching, we are committed to creating solutions that really save them time. We know how much information teachers and administrators need to track and manage on a daily basis. Although information management can seem intimidating, it can be done effectively with the right software solutions.

23. Eventifica

Send messages from the school to the parents’ mobile phones directly. Purchase an app with the name of your school and follow the example of the many teachers, professors, and administrators who already use Eventifica to swiftly and easily interact with families. a school app. cell phone notifications to the parents. Activities, events, pictures, and videos. content manager online. Everything you require to swiftly and effectively communicate with parents, students, and officials. a school app. Get an app with your school’s name, logo, and colors on it. available for Android and iPhone mobile devices. parental notifications on a cell phone. With a few clicks, parents and children can get messages that are split by group and sent directly to their cell phones. Activities, events, pictures, and videos. Share the events calendar, add pictures and videos, sports schedules, the menu for the dining room, and a lot more. manager of online content. Manage the content of your app independently, from anywhere, in real-time. Reduce costs and time.


Initial Cost: $49 per month

No-cost Trial:

Free Trial is offered.

24. GlowSIMS

Greetings from CodeHEX. We are entirely committed to providing our clients with the most cutting-edge services available. The only goal of CodeHex is to offer robust, cost-effective, and simple IT solutions. Although we provide a wide range of items, the bulk is related to education. We currently serve more than 100 happy customers in the market. As a result, We established a solid reputation as being knowledgeable and dependable to the clients. Highly flexible and agile teams, measured risks, and availability across several time zones are outsourced. Our staff has experience working with a variety of engagement models, including “Hourly to Fixed-cost.” In this particular manner of development, a thorough grasp of the difficulties is our fundamental competency. Additionally, we guarantee multi-time zone availability with real-time communication for efficient operations and deliverables. Customized Development Cost-effective Software engineering that is customized. Fighting fires aggressive deadlines and superior output.


Initial Cost: $100 per month, per user

Free Trial: This is an option.

25. Campus 365 

All-In-One School Management Software: Campus 365 ERP Platform. The most complete, cutting-edge, and integrated school ERP. Automate everything, provide smart reports, and make quicker and better decisions. The benefits of Campus 365 school management software The institutions that shape the future of the country and the world must manage a number of different tasks all year long. Campus 365 is the best school ERP software available. It automates every step of the organization’s value chain and seamlessly integrates all of the school’s operations. Simple and convenient to use Engaging teachers, students, and parents with a clear and uncluttered interface. There is no need for knowledge to complete a task fast. strong qualities. We give you everything you’ll ever need to properly run a school. No modification is necessary. Student licenses are unlimited. The Campus 365 school administration software can accommodate an unlimited number of student licenses, making it ideal for both established and developing institutions.


The initial cost is $15.99 for each user per year.

Free Trial: This is an option.

26.  DreamClass

Your own DreamClass can be made. Management of classes at educational institutions DreamClass enables you to effectively manage all of your procedures regardless of the size of your school, academy, or studio. characteristics for effective management. Program administration: It’s simple to organize your curriculum, make classes and course groupings, and specify their specifications. Set teaching schedules, create class groups, and map the groupings with classrooms. Applicants & Students: Students are registered and assigned to groups in the classroom, and their progress is followed until graduation. Show notifications and provide parents and students with access to crucial data like schedules, attendance records, and finances. Academic Management: Manage all of your support workers, including teachers, secretaries, and administrative assistants. Manage all fundamental academic procedures, including tests, attendance monitoring, and grading, effectively.


Starting Price: $29 per month, payable yearly

Price Information:

Basic Plan: $29 per month, payable annually, for up to 40 students.

Up to 100 students may use the Premium Plan for $59 per month on an annual basis.

Pro Plan: $129 per month, payable yearly, for up to 300 students.

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