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The 5 Most Outrageous College Campus Traditions In The United States

College entails far more than simply attending school and studying for examinations. Every type of learner must preserve time-honored customs like sprinting, overeating, participating in common applications of espionage, and, in essence, raising foolish antics to an artistic medium. Undergrads anticipate these traditional festivals with rapt attention, whatever they may become. What else could you want from a university tradition?

No one gives a slight consideration to undergraduates fastening their footwear to trees, shrieking at the moonlight, and smooching the buttocks of sculptures. There is no way to understand these strange acts externally gazing in. College rituals, on the other hand, are an important element of what transforms a group of students into a lifelong congregation.

Below are five of the most outlandish campus customs:

Dooley Day at Emory University in Atlanta

Emory University’s school culture is protected by a pretty unusual persona: James W. Dooley, a cadaver from the laboratory of the department who is known as the Lord of Despotism.

Dooley Day is by certainly another of the greatest moments in school, and it has grown into a week-long spirit festival over time. Dooley is so significant to Emory that he does have his email id and his résumé is available on the university’s website. Dooley originally made its appearance in 1899, when he addressed a statement to The Phoenix, a collegiate journal. He came increasingly frequently during the next few months, eventually becoming a constant presence at college in the 1940s.

Healy Howls were done at Georgetown University, (Washington, DC)

Georgetown College students were among the most enthusiastic viewers when The Exorcist was released in 1973. Their excitement was reasonable, given that elements of the screenplay were shot on school grounds. The buzz at GU hasn’t waned in the 42 years since the film was released.

The film is shown in college every Halloween and is scheduled to stop just before midnight. Students rush to the school graveyard to commemorate the occasion by shrieking at the moon. The Healy Howl, as it is called, is one of the most haunting college customs, and it can be recognized all over school.

Orgo Night at Columbia University and Primal Scream

Undergrads from the marching band flood Butler Library to entertain overworked Columbia pre-meds while they prep for their infamously challenging organic chemistry exam. The festival appears to provide some quick fix for would-be doctors and other scientific ideologues, as it was intended to decrease the exam’s contour. ming Gozer the Destructor had arrived in New York.

which every campus you are on, there is always a common reserve of organic feelings (lovely referred to as orgo it is frustrating class many of us face as a student or will face as a student

regardless of your are a school or a low key observer of your buddies desperate measures to keep up, all students can feel the impact of the orgo exam. That is the reason schools like Columbia University have put measures in place for orgo students

every year the study areas like the library are set into a nosiy night before the orgo exams, causing chaos for a student studying or trying to study for good or bad, the band work into this study areas to play mix music and play fight songs with a joke to reduce stress and give some fresher air to the student, it is always an interesting scene to watch if you are a student in Columbia you can be on the lookout for the orgo exams.     

Carleton college is known for its traditions in which students observe a prime scream annually at 10 pm before the night of finals

Prime scream is the time when a student is heard shouting and screaming all throughout the school environment some are screaming to let out steams from studying or others are screaming to get themself prepared for studying, I can tell that plays let this can set the tone for a good exam period.

The Piano Drop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT undergraduates have a reputation for being notorious jokers. During a Harvard-Yale soccer match, they once arranged a balloon with the words “MIT” to erupt near midfield. Since 1972, these geniuses have celebrated Drop Day by flinging a piano off onto the rooftop of Baker Hall, the last day in springtime when you can leave a class — and, apparently, a piece of 500-pound equipment to its tragic grave.

The act even gave birth to the modern metric system: the Bruno. It’s an accurate computation of the impact caused by the piano’s six-story freefall, and it’s named for Charles Bruno, the prank’s primary inventor. All of the pianos thrown are believed to be inoperable before they hit the ground, and specialists are on standby to confirm their condition once they arrive.

Usually, the drop organizers always  make a T-shirt, with the slogan “just drop it” within the recent event  T-shirt has been sold for a reasonable cause, last year was no different I believe this year will follow the same path, all the proceeds are from the  sales of the T-shirts are donated back to the charity selected by Baker House

More recently the traditions are carried out on drop day the last day of students in MIT, students in MIT drop class in the spring semester. Modern-day piano is dropped with clears perimeters, and proper supervision, the part I love the most is when the piano hit the ground student are encouraged to scavenge the remains of the piano to take home as a piece of memorabilia

Naked Homer Run at the University of Virginia

It’s not natural baseball, among the many other naked outings that may be found on American university campuses. This isn’t simply a meaty free-for-all at UVA; it’s a voyage with a goal. Students disrobe, sprint throughout the Field toward a huge statue of Homer, kiss his bronze bottom, then return to the Rotunda to offer reverence to Thomas Jefferson as the Creator intended.

It belief as tradition, that before you as a student graduate from UVN,  you must run without your cloth from the Rotunda down to the statue of homer( however you must kiss the buttocks)and then track back to the Rotunda before getting your cloth back.

Some people revere the tradition, while others are perplexed when pupils create their Iliads.

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